Exciting Events!

All of the major exciting events that we have this semester will be posted here!

SEDS OU’s Fifth General Meeting of Fall 2020 will Feature the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Space Port!

The meeting will discuss the space industry in Oklahoma and how the Oklahoma Space Port is working on improving it and pushing innovation to make the state of Oklahoma a contributor to the overall space industry and how we can help make that happen.

Meeting Info:
Zoom Link
 Meeting ID: 912 3716 2381
Passcode: spaceport

SpaceVision 2020

Beyond Earth: Humans as a an Interplanetary Species

The SpaceVision conference is almost as old as SEDS itself, bringing together students of many disciplines from all corners of the country to celebrate their shared passion for all things space.
Building on the tradition started in 1989 amongst the first SEDS chapters, this gathering includes panels of industry leaders, technical project competitions, and opportunities for our members to engage with current professionals from across the space sector.
The growth of the conference in recent years parallels SEDS’ own remarkable expansion while preserving the original focus on creating student connections and empowering everyone to pursue a future in space This year’s conference will highlight the past, present, and exciting future of human exploration beyond Earth as an interplanetary species as well as how technological and scientific developments made in space can impact everyday life.

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