Current Projects!

SEDS OU projects for the Fall 2020 semester include real-life space mission design with NASA, satellite constellation design, entrepreneurship in space, and sending art to space!

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NASA RASCAL Space-Mission Design 20/21

Photo Credit: NASA RASCAL

Our space mission design competition in collaboration with NASA RASCAL has launched this semester and it is currently featuring 3 different themes where members are designing space missions in each one of those themes and they will get the chance to take their designs to Kennedy Space Center next summer to talk about making it a reality with NASA engineers. Visit RASC-AL to learn more!

Visit NASA RASCAL to learn more!

Quest for Blue Satellite Constellation Design

Photo Credit: Saber Astronautics

Our “Quest for Blue” project combines Engineering and Business together to produce solutions for building a satellite constellation and making sure it is profitable for long term sustainability. Visit Quest for Blue to learn more!

Visit Quest for Blue to learn more!

Student Business Pitch at SpaceVision 2020

Photo Credit: NASA

The student Business Pitch Competition (SBPC) gives students the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in the space industry! SEDS OU team is working on building the next big space company that will add noticeable value to the space industry.

Visit SBP to learn more!

Dove Art Launch Initiative (DALI)

Photo credit: NASA-JPL

In partnership with Planet and SEDS USA, SEDS OU is working on creating an artistic design to be laser etched onto a side panel of a future Dove satellite.

Visit DALI to learn more!

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